Located in balmy Cleveland, Ohio, HackCWRU is the event to truly hack beyond the possible. With 36 hour access to both our hardware lab and our campus makerspace, think[box], there are no limits to what you can hack together.




  • 6PM - Registration Opens
  • 8PM - Opening Ceremony
  • 10PM - Hacking Begins
  • 11PM - Late-night Snack - Potbelly's Sandwiches


  • 8AM - Breakfast - Jack Frost Donuts
  • 1PM - Lunch - Ohio City Burrito
  • Afternoon Talks TBA
  • 6PM - Dinner - Wings and Things



  • 1AM - Luna's Cookies
  • 8AM - Breakfast - Panera's 
  • 10AM - Hacking Ends
  • 11AM - Lunch - Jimmy John's
  • 12PM - Expo & Judging
  • 2PM - Closing Ceremony Bonanza




  • Teams must be no greater than 4 members
  • All minors must have a signed release form
  • Hacks must be made by attendees at the hackathon only

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,515 in prizes

1st Place

4 Leap Motions

2nd Place

4x Raspberry Pi B+
1x Nerf SpiderBot

3rd Place

1x Nerf SpiderBot+ 4x Google Cardboard

Best Vintage Hack

Lego DeLorean

Best Mobile Hack

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Rockwell Prize

iPad mini

Garverick Award

In honor of Professor Garverick, this prize is given to the most outstanding hardware hack; $500 Amazon Gift Card.

Mobile Defense: Best "Internet of Things"

Raspberry Pis

Best Digital Health Solution

Digital Health includes all or elements of mHealth (aka Mobile Health), Wireless Health, Health 2.0, eHealth, Health IT, Big Data, Health Data, Cloud Computing, e-Patients, Quantified Self and Self-tracking, Wearable Computing, Gamification, Telehealth & Telemedicine, Precision and Personalized Medicine, plus Connected Health.
Triple Analytics will be sponsoring a $250 prize for the best digital health solution.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

To submit you hack, we'll need:

  • The name of your hack
  • Images/Screenshots
  • A description of what the hack does
  • A list of your teammates


Adam Gleichsner

Adam Gleichsner
President, Hacker Society

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Design is clean and intuitive, user experience is friendly and doesn't leave the user scarred for life
  • Presentation
    Explanation is clear and informative, hack is engaging, entertaining, and educational.
  • Complexity
    Hack makes use of advanced technologies to accomplish a complex tastl
  • Disruption
    Has potential for social, political, economic, or environmental of great proportions.
  • Uniqueness
    Product is original, not simply a knock off or fad of another existing hack

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